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This Bolt-on kit is for use on the Accucraft Ruby, IDA, and Mimi Live Steam Engines.

CNC machined billet aluminum bracket for mounting the two included micro servos.
Black anodized for
professional quality integration and long lasting protection.

Bracket mounts to existing rear bumper of loco. Just drill two
holes in
the wood and mount the bracket using included hardware.


The included servos are shown mounted to the bracket with
the control horns and E/Z connectors in place.


One hole drilled in the Johnson Bar assembly for the
included servo push rod hardware to be attached.


Johnson Bar assembly shown re-installed in the
cab with included E/Z connector in place.


Servo Bracket and control linkages installed. Servo on left will
control the throttle and servo on right controls the Johnson Bar.


Completed installation with cab in place. Installations may vary
depending on which version of Ruby the kit is to be installed in. Some
knowledge of radio control may be required to fine tune the system.


Kit Contents:
  Billet Aluminum Black Anodized Servo Bracket
  Micro Servos with Universal Plug *
  Servo Mounting Screws and Washers
  Bracket Mounting Screws and Washers
  Metal Push Rods - 0.047" Dia.
  Mini E/Z Push Rod Connectors sets
  Instruction Manual
* The Included Servos are Compatible With Spekrum, Futaba, JR, Hitec, and Airtronics-Z Radio Systems.

Ruby Live Steam Servo Installation Bracket Kit
If Your Throttle Uses a Round Knob, Select Kit With Servo Horn.

Temporarily Sold Out (5-18-23)

Note: Transmitter, Receiver, Battery Packs, Antenna and related
mounting hardware are not included. It is up to the installer to implement
their own radio equipment. Please practice safety and follow all instructions.


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